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image.jpgThe newest of the Kennel cousins
scott_and_cathy.jpgScott and Cathy
More_Genna_dancing.jpgGenna dancing
ginger_and_rex.jpgGinger and Rex
ginger_and_brian.jpgGinger and Brian
Genna_Tena_Brian_Ginger_Rex.jpgWaiting for the wedding to start
chicken_dance.jpgDoing the chicken dance
Cathy_and.jpgCathy and Scott
P1020005.JPGFlowers from Matthew
P1020004.JPGFlowers from The Texas Ohlers
P1020003.JPGFlowers from Tracy
payton.jpgHappy Birthday Payton!
Rita_and_Brandon.jpgHappy Birthday Brandon!
eric_and_michele.jpgHappy Birthday Michele!
SandyinRaggedyAnnDress.jpgHappy Birthday Sandy!
P1010633.JPGMardi Gras in Magnolia TX
P1010566.JPGIt was a nice break from sewing for everyone.
P1010565.JPGI missed the dancing that went with this painting
P1010019.JPGEdgardo and Thomas
P1010046.JPGBy the sting rays
P1010023.JPGAt the zoo
P1010016.JPGWaiting at Olive Garden
P1010009.JPGSarah's Birthday
P1010014.JPGThomas' project (made from mom's old jeans)
P1000256.JPGKatka, who may be meeting you at the airport
IMG_1691.JPGTena at the end of the visit
IMG_1680.JPGGenevieve in her sandbox
IMG_1677.JPGGenevieve on her new bike
IMG_1676.JPGTena and the girls at the start of the visit

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