Update                Approaching events: Aniversario de Sarah y Edgardo. Cumpleaņos de Edgardo
SAK_ID #320112H000000000V                                     3/1/19 6:56 AM
  Happy Birthday Sandy! complete
SAK_ID #320122H000000000V                                     2/17/19 9:11 PM
  Happy birthday Tycho! complete
SAK_ID #320132H000000ESSO                                     1/25/19 6:04 AM
  Happy travels to everyone! See you soon Roman & Debby! assigned
SAK_ID #320142H000000000V                                     1/14/19 9:25 AM
  Happy Happy Birthday Rita!! assigned
SAK_ID #320152H000ANNIE O                                     1/13/19 2:27 PM
  A little belated but I wanted to thank all my Ohler cousins for the Christmas cards I received! It was wonderful hearing from you all. Hope everyone had a good holiday! xoxo assigned
SAK_ID #320162H000000000V                                     1/9/19 8:27 AM
  Happy National Static Electricity day!! assigned
SAK_ID #320172H000000000V                                     1/4/19 6:38 AM
  Happy Birthday Thomas!! unknown
SAK_ID #320182H0000000NTO                                     1/1/19 1:19 AM
  Happy New Year! unknown
SAK_ID #320192H000000ESSO                                     12/14/18 5:05 AM
  We will mark it on our calendar and see if we can make it! unknown
SAK_ID #320202H000000000V                                     12/4/18 10:36 PM
  yay, I like celebrating events with people! look forward to joining you. unknown
SAK_ID #320212HAUNT DIANA                                     12/3/18 7:01 PM
  Uncle Barry and I are having a celebration on July 13, 2019, for our 50th wedding anniversary. If anyone is in the area, we would love to see you. Details will follow later. unknown
SAK_ID #320222H000000ESSO                                     11/29/18 11:34 AM
  Schmitz boys updated... unknown
SAK_ID #320232H000000000V                                     11/4/18 7:22 PM
  Christmas shopping should start soon. Nieces and Nephews want to update your lists please.... unknown
SAK_ID #320242H000000000V                                     10/1/18 6:41 AM
  Happy Happy Birthday Nico!! unknown
SAK_ID #320252H000000000V                                     9/10/18 10:36 AM
  Have a Hippidy Hoppidy Happy Birthday Asher!! unknown
SAK_ID #320262H000000000V                                     9/9/18 2:01 PM
  Happy Birthday Eric!! unknown
SAK_ID #320272H000000000V                                     9/1/18 1:50 PM
  Happy Birthday Tracy!! unknown
SAK_ID #320282H000000ESSO                                     9/1/18 9:58 AM
  Happy birthday Tracy! unknown
SAK_ID #320292H000000ESSO                                     8/28/18 8:22 PM
  Thanks VMO! unknown
SAK_ID #320302H000000000V                                     8/27/18 9:27 AM
  Happy Birthday Sarah!! unknown

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