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Frank T

Sandy E




Lauren is still an avid runner and active girly. She always appreciates new running clothes or gear. This semester she enjoyed a few camping trips and ultimate frisbee games, as well as baking cookies and cupcakes every week at her job. She is a huge taylor swift fan and cannot wait to see her in april. Fall favorites include: making delicious hot drinks at home (tea, matcha, and coffee fanatic), gold eyeliner, volunteering with Girls on the Run, cheering on many UT sports.

books about science, self improvement, running, baking or cooking, or that you enjoyed reading
fun nut butter flavors
nuun recovery tablets
athletic greens powder
beam dream powder
birkenstock clogs size 9.5
goodr wrap G sunglasses
fleet feet giftcard
pickleball set
UT hat
taylor swift merch
crewneck sweaters size medium
patagonia clothes size medium
white hokas size 9.5
airpods pro case
hat from Outside Texas: unstructured-horizon
simple gold choker necklaces
pottery of any kind
airfryer large casori brand
vejas size 9.5
large candles
tent for camping
gift card to austin bouldering project
trader joes giftcard
cabo bobs giftcard
starbucks giftcard
UTea pho gift card



Beauty Counter Lip Balm
High-quality king sheets
Bison jerky
Kitchen rug that does not say "live, laugh, love"
A square table cloth
Tickets to see PINK!
Shirt size XL
Give a donation to a food bank


Need to buy a used car for kids
Bison jerky
Baked cheese
Shirt size M


Bluecoats DCI apparel
Merch from Avatar the last Airbender, RWBY, or whateva
cool sweatshirts/crewnecks that I can wear a fake collar underneath
College student things
digital caliper
weird but cute earrings on Etsy
crystal necklace
cool rings since 9 1/5
large hair claw clip
cool postcards! i love sending postcards
dragon stuff

things to avoid:
please no mugs we have so many
Uno Card Game (i am loyal to Hasbro)

Size L shirts


Dungeons and Dragons Stuff (most things are found cheaper on Amazon):
-Fizban's Treasury of Dragons
-Candlekeep Mysteries
-Dice Tower
-Metal Dice
-Stat Trackers
-Anything else related to D&D (minifigures, Citadel paints, older versions, etc.)
Prusa Mini+ or Prusa I3 MK3S+ 3D Printer (or just any nice 3D printers)
Binging with Babish Cooking Equipment (e.g., Tiny Whisk, Recipe Book)
Cooking Supplies for apartment next year
Electric Skateboard to get around campus (also helmet) (alternatively, a car)
"Quality Content" merch
"Cat Warehouse" merch
Nintendo Switch
Steam Games/Gift Card
Gift Cards to any restaurants near campus
Cherry Cola Tic Tacs
Buttered Popcorn Jelly Beans
100 Grand Candy Bars
Heating Blanket
T-Shirt size = L


Nintendo giftcard
Tortilla blanket
Steam giftcard
Xbox Giftcard
Heated socks
Any wacky/unusual instruments
Fun hoodies
Small pocket sized fidget toys
Air-up water bottle + some scent pods
T-Shirt size = XL


Double G beef jerky


Cinnamon rolls
longsleeve shirts size(M)


A nice watering can


Tycho likes legos, light sabers, Harry Potter and Minecraft. He is a voracious reader.

He really likes diary of a Wimpy Kid and is missing books: 3, 11, 12, 13, and 15

He also really likes diary of an awesome friendly kid, he only has spooky stories from that series

Ninjago lego is on his Christmas wish list

shirt size kids L (10)
pant size kids L (10)


Otto likes Legos and Minecraft, he loves to laugh and he's starting to read.

Otto's favorite colors are pink and purple

Otto loves dragons

Current favorite series to read is Dragon Masters, he has books 1-7

current shirt/pant size: 7



Cooking Classes
Art classes



Likes logic puzzles, strategy games. Has the base for Dominion. He started coding in Scratch and LOOOOOVES it. Likes to play Skylanders on XBOX 360, minecraft, and all things pokemon. In size 14/16 clothes, size 7.5 shoes. SD card for kindle.


All professional sports for Minnesota are his favorite. He likes Illinois too. Likes games and reading. Likes playing football outside and any outside sports. Clothing size is 10T and size 6wide shoes.


Myles is a lefty. He likes to play lots and lots of sports. And then some more. He loves to read. Prefers the graphic novel books like Science Comics. Clothing sizes are 8T and shoe size 3.


A poem, a song, a digital gift, something funny you found at Goodwill, one of those mugs with a funny saying on it like "I work hard so my cat can have a better life", coasters, oven mitts


Toppling Goliath IPA, Triptych or another good IPA; Ghost pepper chips; A glass that says "I like big boats and I cannot lie" or "I like big birds and I cannot lie"; Any food that would indicate that I live the bold flavor lifestyle.