Lauren is still an avid runner and active girly. She always appreciates new running clothes or gear. This semester she enjoyed a few camping trips and ultimate frisbee games, as well as baking cookies and cupcakes every week at her job. She is a huge taylor swift fan and cannot wait to see her in april. Fall favorites include: making delicious hot drinks at home (tea, matcha, and coffee fanatic), gold eyeliner, volunteering with Girls on the Run, cheering on many UT sports.

books about science, self improvement, running, baking or cooking, or that you enjoyed reading
fun nut butter flavors
nuun recovery tablets
athletic greens powder
beam dream powder
birkenstock clogs size 9.5
goodr wrap G sunglasses
fleet feet giftcard
pickleball set
UT hat
taylor swift merch
crewneck sweaters size medium
patagonia clothes size medium
white hokas size 9.5
airpods pro case
hat from Outside Texas: unstructured-horizon
simple gold choker necklaces
pottery of any kind
airfryer large casori brand
vejas size 9.5
large candles
tent for camping
gift card to austin bouldering project
trader joes giftcard
cabo bobs giftcard
starbucks giftcard
UTea pho gift card

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