Mt. Pulaski, ILL.

Morally Good
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The Tom Ohler Family Singers
American Traditional Music

All God's Critters (1989)

Arkansas Traveller

Arkansas Traveller (1989)

Bill Mason

Black Bottom Strut

The Boatman

Buffalo Boy

Drinking Gourd

Grandma's Lye Soap

I Don't Reckon

I Don't Reckon (1989)

I'll Fly Away

Black Bottom Strut recorded 197?
Noted songs recorded 1989 at WEFT
All other songs recorded 1984 at WEFT

All lyrics are per the recording

Illinois (1989)

Jennie Jenkins

Jesse James


Strangest Dream

Lonesome Valley

Lonesome Valley (1989)

The Miller's Will

Tzena Tzena

Wabash Cannonball (1989)

Wreck of the Ole '97