SAK_ID #320112H000000000V                                     11/4/18 7:22 PM
  Christmas shopping should start soon. Nieces and Nephews want to update your lists please.... complete
SAK_ID #320122H000000000V                                     10/1/18 6:41 AM
  Happy Happy Birthday Nico!! complete
SAK_ID #320132H000000000V                                     9/10/18 10:36 AM
  Have a Hippidy Hoppidy Happy Birthday Asher!! assigned
SAK_ID #320142H000000000V                                     9/9/18 2:01 PM
  Happy Birthday Eric!! assigned
SAK_ID #320152H000000000V                                     9/1/18 1:50 PM
  Happy Birthday Tracy!! assigned
SAK_ID #320162H000000ESSO                                     9/1/18 9:58 AM
  Happy birthday Tracy! assigned
SAK_ID #320172H000000ESSO                                     8/28/18 8:22 PM
  Thanks VMO! unknown
SAK_ID #320182H000000000V                                     8/27/18 9:27 AM
  Happy Birthday Sarah!! unknown
SAK_ID #320192HANOTHER OHLERAMA SUGGESTION                                     8/24/18 9:14 PM
  Pittsburgh in June for Daniela's graduation. unknown
SAK_ID #320202H000000000V                                     8/18/18 9:49 AM
  Happy Birthday Frankie! unknown
SAK_ID #320212H000000000V                                     8/18/18 9:49 AM
  Happy Birthday Frank! unknown
SAK_ID #320222H000000000V                                     7/25/18 2:45 PM
  Happy Happy Birthday Adrienne!! unknown
SAK_ID #320232H000000000V                                     7/17/18 7:18 AM
  Happy Birthday Edgardo!! unknown
SAK_ID #320242H000000000V                                     7/13/18 8:14 AM
  Happy Happy Birthday Daniela! unknown
SAK_ID #320252H000000000V                                     7/4/18 8:57 AM
  Happy Birthday Otto!! unknown
SAK_ID #320262H000000000V                                     7/2/18 2:03 PM
  Happy Birthday Debby!! unknown
SAK_ID #320272H000000TROY                                     6/29/18 2:33 PM
  Marketing_Release.png - ugh, I give up on uploading this file unknown
SAK_ID #320282H000000TROY                                     6/29/18 2:26 PM
  Hi ya'll, yep not a name you usually see here. Need help! We are having trouble finding qualified candidates (filling jobs) - 800+ positions posted, less than half filled. Sunny south Florida, no state income taxes, excellent schools, low cost of living and you'll be near me! www.modmed.com Lead UX Designer (Boca Raton, FL) Mobile Software Engineer- iOS (Boca Raton, FL) unknown
SAK_ID #320292H000000TROY                                     6/29/18 2:24 PM
src="http://www.relho.com/upload/default/thumbs/ORT-554- 0518- SocialMedia-IAMM-2.png" border="0"> ORT-554-0518- SocialMedia-IAMM-2.png  
SAK_ID #320302H0000PAYTON                                     6/27/18 9:38 PM
  I had ice cream today. It was amazing. Also, I learned how to code a game of rock paper scissors! unknown

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