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kosinski_party_2.jpgAdrienne, Margie, Jackie
P1060234.JPGThe Mustache!
P1060258.JPGThe three neighbor Minnies
P1060255.JPGCaptain Hook
P1060252.JPGGetting a better angle
P1060250.JPGA little help from dad
P1060246.JPGCleaning him out well.
P1060236.JPGThe innards are exposed
P1060235.JPGPumpkin Carving time.
P1050496.JPGRSJ: I made a small quick one -- we can discuss what needs to be done to it when you are here for Fall Festival.
P1050494.JPGClassic Novels Crazy Quilt
P1050493.JPGClassic Novels Crazy Quilt
P1050492.JPGClassic Novels Crazy Quilt
P1050491.JPGClassic Novels Crazy Quilt
P1050490.JPGClassic Novels Crazy Quilt
P1050489.JPGClassic Novels Crazy Quilt
P1050488.JPGCompleted bag started June of 2014
P1050486.JPGSide B
P1050485.JPGSide A
PaytonandMyles.jpgPayton and Myles
ourhouse1b.jpgNote braided rug by bed
ourhouse1a.jpgCompleted Creations
ourhouse1.jpgCompleted creations
claycreations.jpgClay creations ready for the oven
scrapquilt.jpgFirst quilt finished for 2015
foundinkidsroom.JPGPlug found in kids room. Who claims it?
tychoandgrandma.jpgtrying to give mom some sleep time
christmas_cookiesAdrienne and the elves
ritaandkamden.jpgKamden's favorite toy at the moment.

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